We have to give ourselves one more chance

It is universally recognized that there are Legal Assets that belong to the Inernational Community, and Interests, that go beyond the boundaries of the order of each State and of each People, individually considered.

These Legal Assets and these Interests are, finally, all expression, by derivation, of the universal principle of Justice, that finds its source in Natural Law and, finally, in Ius Gentium.

Among them all those that are commonly called "fundamental human rights".

In this context, the principle of the pre-eminence of the Law on Force, and, above all, on the arrogant use of the Force (hybris), and its instruments (not only military, but including the economy and money), who have for too long been and have exercised on the Peoples of the world, on their economies, their States, their territories and their borders, today it rises as a cry, reclaiming its place in the hierarchy of the proper use of power, as well as of universal values and principles.

In this hierarchy, it is the Law that uses the economy for the realization of the legal ends on which it is based; and these ends find their legitimacy only in the elements that constitute the expression of the universal principle of Justice, above recalled, which has at its center the Human being, both as an expression of his Spiritual dimension, and of his being Material.

That said, it has become blatantly apparent that all kinds of resources have been managed (including and, in some cases, especially economic and financial ones) so that the result is, and is, the growing and endless indebtedness of the States, the destruction of their economy, reduction in need and poverty of a growing and endless number of citizens and Peoples and, finally, the destruction of states, peoples, civilizations, even with certain effects, not secondary, such as the tragedies of economic crises studied at the table and forced mass emigration, the devastating repercussions of which can only be truly assessed in the following years and, in particular, for the latter, both for the departure regions and for the arrival regions.

Under the blasphemous banner of the word "freedom", cleverly bent in its most extensive declinations, dragged, almost in a kind of massive hypnosis, to the motto of buzzwords such as "progress", "change" compulsive, "free trade" and "reforms", overwhelmed by a collective psychosis, a huge deception has been built, which has overwhelmed every level of life: human, economic, political, devouring even what remains of the spiritual dimension.

Where we have not arrived with the claws of the economy, from the embargos to the bogus "development plans" (failed projects preordained to the indebtedness, without solution, of entire peoples and territories), to the trap of a currency imposed from the outside (both as "anchor" and as "employment": Argentine-dollar peso, CFA franc, up to the euro) we intervened with weapons: the last devastating armed conflicts, cleverly disguised under the heading "fight against terrorism", managed to destroy even what time and history, in millennia, had not dared (Palmira, Aleppo market, finds in Iraq...).

For pure, insane, profit and power for their own sake, essential human values were sacrificed: almost as in a script with a dramatic flavor, while fundamental and essential human rights were proclaimed, crystallizing and coding the hinges of them in documents signed in to magnificent atmospheres and contexts, behind the scenes the most sophisticated weapons sharpened to wreak havoc on the lives of millions of human beings.

Impressive lyrics have dotted in music the stages of the last glimpse of the last century: any awakening of spirits has been deftly cloaked, molded, hijacked and finally overwhelmed or suffocated, until the compression of the human being to the machine status: but human being is beyond this, it is first of all "being" and then, also, but not only, "human". Entire generations have been lost: what immense capital wasted, how many talents lost, how much beauty destroyed!

Someone, in all this, will have advanced the claim to be "like God": but God does not destroy, he creates. Here it has only been destroyed, continuously, inexorably: nothing has been created, only immense devastation.

What immense folly has led our Peoples to throw to the mace the enormous cultural baggage resulting from the philosophical, legal and political elaboration of classical, semitic, christian and medieval culture? From these roots we drew the foundations of our science, our humanitarianism, our liberalism and our faith in human dignity and freedom.

To say it with Ionesco "Le roi se meurt"...

What's stopping us from giving us another chance?

Either we will find our Salami or, shortly, it will be the dissolution, even for those who, with recklessness, still play to "be God".

Avv. Paola Musu

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